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Digital Marketing Agency

The conception of Atractiva was empowered by the need for businesses and clinics to have distinctive and varied experiences and abilities in order to guarantee success and rapid expansion.

Eng. Ahmad Bani Almarjah

Informatics engineer, was born in Damascus in 1986, and acquired Turkish citizenship in 2020 Graduated in 2011 from Arab International Uni­versity In Syria. Between 2011 and 2014, I attended master degree in Web Technologies at Syrian Virtual University.

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Atractiva aims to provide services of the highest standard while paying close attention to even the tiniest of details. As a result, our prices are set and paid in full up front, and we stray from the general commercial pattern on any reduction or offer.

Digital Advertising

Managing digital advertising plans, strategies and channels such as social media channels and Google Ads.

The price starts at 1500 $

Graphic Design

We create attractive designs for both digital and printable usage becasue we beleive that the attractive identity will increase your organic sales.

The price starts at 800 $

Web Design

Creating unique and attractive websites and landing pages that guarantees high conversion rates with excellent cost that mets with business positive ROIs.

The price starts at 1500 $

Comprehensive Management

In its capacity to manage entire clinics and businesses, Atractiva is exceptional. The starting price is $2,500.

The price starts at 2500 $

CRM Managment

Install, setup and manage Zoho and SetCRM according to business requirements with managing data analysis so we ensure business success

The price starts at 800 $

Training and Consulting

Providing courses in digital marketing and graphic design to individuals and company teams in addition to provide consultation on how to start and lead your business to succeed.

The price starts at 800 $

Projects Managed by Atractiva

All of these clinics are completely run by Atractiva


Steps I went Through

ISP Project Manager

04/2011 - 01/2015

Project Manager - CMO

07/2015 - 09/2019

Owner - CEO

10/2019 - Present

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